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My name is Tamás½Banjo½ Bendl. However despite of my nickname, i haven't chosen that instrument.  I 'm a player and drum tester in my spare time. What else?




Specially shaped solid wood instruments and accessories made by special milling, gear milling and surface treatment processes from Hungary.


Uncompromising production for a perfection. BTom’s proprietary solid segment shell building process with high quality tone and durability. And this accompanied by a 100% lifetime warranty. The result is a musical instrument with excellent acoustical properties.


Rich, strong, real wood sound.



The specialty of solid wood drum shell


The sound reaches its limits when the tuning of the plywood shell is finished. Then comes the change in the sound image of the solid wood drum. This makes the solid wood drums unique. It sounds different.



Be a part my story with the art of woodworking.

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