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Welcome to my website!

Specially shaped solid wood instruments and accessories made by special milling and surface treatment processes.

Briefly about myself:

My name is Tamás „Benjo” Bendl. However, despite of my nickname, I haven’t chosen that instrument...

I play drums since I was 17, so for 23 years already. In those times, around the mid-’80s, the special and unique techniques of solid wood drums were not yet heard of. I started to engage in the history and techniques of drum making in the last 2 years.

This website was created in order to share and show musicians and drummer how my drums are made and how is the final product.

Thanks to the different type of wood used as material, the stave drums can sound differently. A drum can be made of different types of wood and the sound changes according to that.

My father used to help me in the production of the milling equipment and the realization of my ideas. My first instruments were made with his help.

A 14˝ snare, a 6˝double tam, a 8˝tam, a 20˝bass drum.

It was a fantastic feeling to hear the first sounds of the instrument. Many ideas are still waiting for implementation and I produce drums based on individual ideas.


It sounds different. Produced according to the LOGO by: Tamás


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