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Bendl Tams - Drummaker from Hungary                                                                                          BTom DESIGNS™

BTom Custom Drums                                                                                 VAT Number: 66118297-1-28


Email:     info(AT)btomdrums.hu

Telefon:  0036 30 767 0255

Bendl Tams
BTom Custom Drums

Adress:   Gyr, 9011, Hungary, 16. Kenderes


Price list:

The price list for natural, unprocessed drum body. For the price of my instruments and for more information please contact us!



We exports all types of repairs, (staining, varnishing, re-painting) on the body of the drum.

Rendering thanks

I would like to thank my wife for her love, selfless support and a secure and peaceful background; my parents for making the achievements possible; my children for their love and for being my fans, and my friends for the joy of compassion.


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